ZRE Power Surge

ZRE Power Surge paddle blade

The ZRE Power Surge is a Zaveral innovation.

reduce effort with zre carbon fiber paddlesThe Power Surge features:

  • Curved tip “Power Face” for a quicker catch and better entry
  • Slight rib for positive (straight) tracking
  • Concavity for maximum pull
  • Reinforced bottom for maximum strength

These blades are curved through out the entire paddle blade and are slightly concave on the bottom power face for a quick catch.

  • Standard Blade Length is 18”
  • Blade Width from 7.5 – 8.375”
  • Carbon Fiber Edges & Tipped Blade
  • Carbon Fiber Edges & Tip
  • Carbon Fiber shaft

The sleek new rib design assures positive tracking through the water and enters and exits quietly.

Available in our:

Also available in the ZRE Stand-Up paddle, in sizes up to 94 inches!