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Jaqueline Mourao – Infinity Ski Poles Olympic Athlete


Shop Here Infinity is proud to sponsor Brazilian Olympic athlete Jaqueline Mourao. This year Jaqueline competed in her fifth overall Olympic games, skiing the 10k freestyle for Brazil in the 2018 Olympics in PeyeongChang. Mourao has also competed in biathlon, is a crossover athlete who has also competed in the Summer Olympics in mountain biking. […]

ZRE Power Surge

ZRE Power Surge paddle blade

The ZRE Power Surge is a Zaveral innovation. The Power Surge features: Curved tip “Power Face” for a quicker catch and better entry Slight rib for positive (straight) tracking Concavity for maximum pull Reinforced bottom for maximum strength These blades are curved through out the entire paddle blade and are slightly concave on the bottom power face […]

Meet Annabel Anderson – SUP Champion!

Annabel Anderson

ZRE is proud to sponsor world-class stand-up paddler Annabel Anderson. Annabel races with ZRE stand-up paddles and has been at the top of her game since 2010, setting records and winning medals. Here is some footage of Annabelle from this year’s Stand Up World Series where she took 1st place overall. Congratulations Annabel! Connect with […]

The Dragon XL Paddle


Dragonboat paddlers love the new Dragon XL paddle from ZRE. This super-lightweight paddle weighs in at around 250grams (just over 1/2 pound!) and has the standard 3-piece ZRE construction so that you can customize the paddle’s length and handle to your liking. Here is one of our dealers from Australia reviewing the Dragon XL.

Ryan James Wins with ZRE SUP

Ryan James stand up paddle

If you’re into SUP, then you’ve probably heard of Ryan James, champion SUP paddler from the U.K. Ryan has been in the water all his life, starting as a competitive swimmer at age 4, and by the time he was 18 was swimming on a scholarship in the U.S. After collegiate swimming Ryan trained in […]

Singapore River Regatta Winners


The 30th Annual Singapore River Regatta was held on the Singapore River on Nov 3 & 4, 2012. Taking 1st Place in the Inter-International competition was this team of ex-pats from Canada. These paddlers are happy to use ZRE Dragonboat paddles because of their light weight, strength, and superior ability to cut through the water. […]