Space Age Materials

Zaveral Racing Equipment has adapted three aerospace technologies to the manufacture of it’s Lightweight Canoe Paddles.

Reduce effort with lightweight ZRE paddles!

Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber

The lightest and strongest paddle material available. 100% high-modulus, otherwise known as Graphite – this is the lightest and strongest material available and the very same Carbon Fiber they use in making Formula 1 Grand Prix race car bodies.

All of our paddles shafts are made from pre-impregnated carbon fiber.

100% Carbon Fiber Cloth With Epoxy
Slightly heavier than pre-preg, but just as durable. Most of our blades are constructed with this material.

Highly affordable and super-tough for recreational and commercial use. We also use this material for our affordable yet still super-light and strong recreational canoe paddles.

Paddle Construction

Zaveral Paddles are constructed as follows:

GRIP – 100% Carbon Fiber/Epoxy – these hollow grips fit comfortably
3 Piece ZRE Paddlein your palm with their ergonomic dimple pattern and finger recess.

SHAFT – Every ZRE paddle shaft is hollow, crafted to custom
lengths at 1/32nd inch intervals. Smoother Shaft-To-Blade Transition
for cleaner entry/exit.

All our shafts are made of 100% Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg. and centerless wet sanded to a super-smooth, polished finish.

ZRE features a tapered oval shaft for strength, light weight, comfort and positive tracking.

BLADE – All ZRE paddles have angled, super-durable, foam 
core blades with computer balanced weighting.

Blades are foiled to minimize turbulence, providing the smoothest entry/exit in the industry.

Perfectly Symmetrical for smoother, more natural rhythm. Sharpened shoulders for a super-efficient, close to the keel line power-stroke.

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