Infinity Ski Pole Shafts

Infinity Ski Poles come in four shaft varieties: 

R1 – When light weight is your main concern!

If you’re a competitive skier, this pole is for you. At 46 grams/meter, the Infinity R1 is in a class by itself.  This pole has a 30 days on-snow warranty.

eLite – Maybe the perfect pole!

One of our best sellers, the Infinity eLite is now lighter than ever: 52 g/m. They are still stiff, strong and have a great swing weight. This improved eLite pole has a 1 year on-snow breakage warranty. Shop eLite Poles

eXtreme – One of our stiffest and strongest!

Our stiffest and strongest pole now weighs just 56 g/m. This model is for the serious skier looking for the stiffest possible pole. 1 year on-snow breakage warranty. Shop eXtreme Poles

Sprint – High quality, low cost!

This is the best mid priced pole you will ever use. Despite the low price, Infinity Sprint is a very high quality 100% carbon fiber pole. The Infinity Sprint is not as stiff as our other models but still weighs only 57 g/m. This pole is great for high school racers, back country and serious skiers. 1 year on-snow breakage warranty. Shop Sprint Poles

Test Data & Materials

All Infinity ski poles are made with 100% high-modulus, Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber, otherwise known as Graphite – the lightest and strongest material available. INFINITY ski poles are lighter, stiffer and stronger than ever and they have better swing weight as well. Just look at these impressive test results!

Infinty poles are designed to be strong and stifft to avoid compressive forces, not deflection**, in order to transfer the maximum amount of force you can apply to the ground. While the eXtreme has impressive deflection** results, the feel of the sprint, eLite and R1 are not that different.

Shaft Weight (grams / meter)

Deflection under a 20kg load (mm)









Ski Pole Sizing

To find your correct size and get an accurate measurement, you may need some help, an ordinary ruler and a metal measuring tape marked in centimeters. All measurements should be made with your ski boots on while standing on a level surface. If you’re standing on your skis too, the pole tip measurement should be to the top of the ski surface, not the floor.


To measure for skating-style poles, use a ruler to measure from ground level to a point at mustache level. The distance in centimeters is your correct pole length.


To measure for classic poles, stand up straight while holding a ruler on your shoulder parallel to the ground. Have a friend measure from the ground up to the ruler. The distance in centimeters is your correct pole length. Or subtract 10cm from the skating-style poles(see above) measurement.

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