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Our Power Curve whitewater canoe paddle was designed by 24-time Whitewater Open Canoe Slalom National Champion Harold Deal, and developed with Jeff Allott.

The Power Curve features our strong carbon shaft and blade, with an attractive wood T-grip.

This combination makes a lightweight performance package for competition, recreation, or serious technical playboating!

ZRE Power Curve carbon fiber paddle



This paddle provides better power and better control: 

  • Superb straight-shaft paddle for whitewater, river touring or tripping – light and strong!
  • Curved blade is smooth, stable and predictable in the water
  • Power Curve Blade provides
  • solid catch for maximum power and efficiency
  • Tested and used by the best professional canoeists in the world
  • Our best quality canoe paddle

Other features:

  • Oval shaft, with a gradual taper  –  has a matte finish
  • Thumb index in the T-grip can be easily engaged for even better control awareness & finesse
  • Lightweight, at 22 ounces
  • Carbon fiber blade is 8.25 inches wide x 19.5 inches long
  • 3-piece construction for easy customization
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Z Whitewater carbon fiber paddleAlso available:

The Z Whitewater 11 ounce Canoe Paddle

The Z Whitewater is an all-carbon-fiber paddle which features:

  • Pre-impregnated carbon fiber – strongest & lightest paddle material available
  • Carbon fiber blade (19 inch blade)
  • Carbon fiber shaft (standard shaft angle of 12 degrees, custom angles are available
  • Carbon fiber edges and tip
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