Recreational Canoe Paddles

The ZRE Recreational Canoe Paddle is lightweight and super-strong. 

ZRE canoeistThink of how much easier canoeing will be using one of these carbon fiber paddles in place of your old wooden paddle!

Our Black Rec paddle has the same 3-piece construction as our pro models, and is made from strong fiberglass and carbon fiber for a lightweight (14 ounce) canoe paddle.


Recreational paddles feature:

  • 19″ long blade
  • Standard shaft angle of 12 degrees
  • Standard foam core blade
  • Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Your choice of high-strength plastic grip or lightweight 100% carbon fiber grip

The foam core and carbon fiber make these canoe paddles very light, weighing in at just 12 ounces with our carbon fiber grip (paddles with plastic grip weigh just 14 ounces).

— Yes, we do Custom Paddles — PaddleBRPaddlex

Our Recreational Canoe Paddles can be custom manufactured and cut to your specs.
Mix and match blades, shafts and grips!
Choose from:
  • Blade widths from 8 inches to 8.75 inches (quarter-inch increments)
  • Shaft lengths from 46 to 70 inches
  • Choice of Red or Black High Strength Plastic Grips
  • Or… choose the 100% carbon-fiber grip
  • Choose the standard 12 degree shaft angle (custom angles 0 to 15 degrees available)
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