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Since 1973, ZRE has been an ultimate producer of high-performance paddles and cross-country ski poles.

We continually adapt the latest aerospace materials and design techniques to the sporting industry. That’s why Zav’s have stood alone as the choice for elite racers around the world.

The lighter weight and superior characteristics of our paddles and poles will result in a faster, less-fatiguing, and more enjoyable sporting experience for every enthusiast!


Our Product Lines

ZRE make the highest quality and lightest paddles available. Each paddle we make is a 3-piece design, and custom sizes are available. Visit a link below to learn about each ZRE paddle style.

Stand-Up Dragonboat Outrigger Whitewater Flatwater (Racing) Recreational Canoe

Infinity Ski Poles

Infinity Carbon Fiber ski poles - by ZRE

Infinity’s have stood alone as  the poles of choice for elite racers around the world. Made with Pre-Impregnanted Carbon Fiber, there is no fiberglass filler, giving you the lightest, strongest pole available.

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ZRE received Outdoor Life Network’s Best of Gear Guide Award in 2001.

Our paddles were awarded top-of-class 4-Star Reviews from three independent judges at the awards:

This space-age black thunderbolt goes into the water without a sound and sticks like concrete. –Lecky Haller

It weighs about the same as a candy bar and is the sweetest paddle I’ve ever canoed with. –Lisa Densmore

The lightest out there at 8.5 oz. and the best balanced paddle with the most comfortable grip I’ve ever used. –Wayne Dickert


Zaveral Racing Equipment sponsors and supports elite athletes around the world. Learn more about who is racing and winning with ZRE paddles and ski poles.

Made in the USA

ZRE has been manufacturing our paddles and ski poles since 1973 in New York state. We are proud to have dealers offering our product across the U.S. and Canada, as well as around the world.

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The Innovative ZRE Power Surge Paddle